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Please take the time to read the below policies to ensure you are prepared for your upcoming appointments. 


Booking & Cancelation

Booking 2-3 appointments in advance is recommended since prime times fill fast.


Last minute cancelations may not be available to rebook right away. I do not move clients around to accommodate.


Notice of Cancelation is required a minimum of 24 hours before the morning (9am) of your appointment. Failure to do so will result in a 50% charge due before your next scheduled appointment. Anyone who has prepaid services will receive a $50 charge due before the next appointment.

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Payment is due when service is rendered.

Debit - credit - gift certificates are accepted. 


Payment plans for laser and facial packages are available through a third party; interest free and no credit checks required. 

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Late & No Show

If you arrive late, you wIll recieve the service to the best of my ability within the time frame allocated-full price is charged.


To respect following clients appointments will not exceed the original scheduled time.

No show's will automatically result in a full charge for services due before your next scheduled appointment. Anyone who has prepaid services will receive a $50 charge due before the next appointment. Two no shows and you will no longer be able to book any service.

Natural Beauty

Skin Services

◇ Follow pre/post care instructions given.

◇ Consultation mandatory.

◇ All jewelry must be removed from face, ears, and neck.

◇ All makeup must be removed prior to arriving.



Service will be postponed if pre care instructions are not followed. 

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Laser Hair Removal

◇ You must be freshly showered.

◇ You must be fully shaved. In some cases shaving will be provided at an additional cost. Areas that may be considered: hair line, shoulders, back. Brazilians will not be considered. 

◇ You must follow pre and post care

instructions given.

◇ A consultation is mandatory.


Service will be postponed if requirement are not followed.

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Lash Extensions 

◇ Proper aftercare is expected. It is your responsibility to use an approved lash cleanser and wash your lashes daily.

◇ Book 2-3 appointments in

advance to secure a refill.

◇ More than 50% lash loss is a 3 week fill.

◇ More than 40% lash loss is a full set- communicate in advance. Lashes will be filled according to time availability.

◇ Arrive with clean lashes.

General Housekeeping

There is only one person allowed in the studio at a time. Arrive on time; if you arrive early, you will be asked to wait outside until the studio is ready since there is no waiting room; text or call when you arrive. You will be met at the door once the studio has been sufficiently sanitized and prepared for your service. 

All medical grade disinfectants and sterilants are used. Rest assured that you will enter a clean and organized studio, where your safety and health is my first concern. 

Prior to your service

◇ There is a washroom on site; however, my bookings are scheduled based on the time for the service and clean up. Please use the washroom before you arrive for your service if possible.

◇ Contacts must be removed prior to any service that treats the eyes or face.

If you would like a spot test or consultation for any lash or brow service, reach out so we can book accordingly. Laser services require a mandatory consultation and patch test prior to treatment. Any skin services will receive an assessment during the allotted appointment time.

Fluid Dermabrasion or IPL hair removal / skin rejuvenation treatments, please refer to pre/post treatment sheet attached to an email sent prior to service. 

For your comfort, please discuss if you would like to have a quiet appointment, listen to a specific type of music or a podcast. If there are no specifications great conversation and laughs are provided.

Feel free to reach out at any time.

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